How to Elevate Your Weekend Fashion Basics! 

Styling two of your wardrobe staples- The Classic T-shirt and the easy denim shorts!

One of my most favorite websites asked me to partner up with them again!!  This time I was asked to pick a T-shirt and a pair of denim for a fun little feature on Weekend Basics! If you know me and my style I could wear jean shorts everyday! Especially living in FL they become a wardrobe MUST have and a staple in the wardrobe!

See the full article here to check out what The Every Girl and writer Valerie Chen have to say about these 2 looks!!

Being 5 foot tall, I have to be selective on what trends I can wear and what I need to stay away from! When I saw the midi skirt start hitting the racks I thought to myself OMG that would be a maxi on me! Never ever will I be able to sport that feminine, ultra grily trend with these short little legs sticking out the bottom! But I was wrong! I normally would always wear these skirts with a pump to elongate my legs! However I couldn’t pass up these $59 sale shoes at Zara! And they actually worked! Making fashion more exciting and interesting is about doing things a little out of the box. Mixing a T-shirt with something a little more dressy and feminine like a midi skirt is what I call mixing your 2 elements. I love this white skirt because its leather and can easily transition into your Fall wardrobe! Oversized dramatic sunnies are everywhere this season and its just a fun way to pull an outfit together without spending a ton of $$!! The necklaces came in a pack of 2! Which I am seeing a lot of lately. I am NOT complaining! One in silver and the other in gold. I didn’t need to look any further to style my 2 looks because they were both right there together!

Jean shorts are a staple these days in everyone’s wardrobe! I like to dress mine up a little just so I don’t feel so sloppy! Again Im 5 foot tall with college softball legs! I always like to give myself a little height if Im heading off to a party where that would be appropriate. A simple white button down is also a MAJOR staple in the wardrobe and can literally be worn with anything and everything! I always do a little front tuck to show off my waist line, so Im wearing the shirt and it doesn’t look like its wearing me! Stacking jewelry is a must!! Going bold is always way more fun then playing it safe! After all it is Fashion!

Tshirt: Old Navy

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Sunglasses: Zara

Necklace: Zara Love Bracelet Gold Cuff

Clutch: Old Navy

Hat: Zappos

Lipstick,   Nails

Shorts: Old Navy

Shirt: Zara

Bag: Aldo

Shoes: Aldo

Rings: H&M

Necklace: Zara

Cuffs: Forever21

Sunglasses: Forever21