If you live in Florida then you know that Sunny Summers throughout the day are hard to come by! Rain usually rolls in about 4:00 everyday and its not just rain!! Its a full on monsoon for a few hours with lots of death threatening lightening and then goes away like nothing ever happened! ON this day, Jason Mize and I were lucky to actually make it through a few hours of shooting on our third attempt of trying to actually make this happen!

With this look, I managed to encompass basically all of my favorite trends into one outfit, here’s the breakdown…

#1. Mixed Prints – I know this one is out of a lot of peoples comfort zone, but if it’s done the correct way, the result is unique & eye-catching, not to mention a lot of fun. #2. Oversized Sunglasses – These are a must for summer days, & I especially love the retro vibe of this cat-eye shaped pair. #3. Chambray/Denim Everything – It’s always nice to mix a piece of denim into your outfit in an unexpected way! Instead of just wearing basic jean shorts, I like to switch things up by wearing pieces like these polka-dot, high-waisted, ruffled denim shorts (a lot of adjectives going on there, huh?). #4. Fringe, Fringe & More Fringe – Recently, the fringe trend has exploded! I love that it’s a throwback to the 70’s style era & you can easily mix it in with modern outfits – whether it be on your bag, booties or a leather jacket. #5. Mules – I’ve been wearing these white mules ALL summer long! The mule style is so crisp & clean, especially in neutral shades. I found this specific pair at Target for an amazing deal, but they have since sold out online – you may get lucky & be able to find them still in stock at your local store!