Goodbye 2017 With TOUS

The end of another year means looking back and reflecting on all the blessings that came from doing what you truly love. As a stylist I get exposed to almost everything FASHION! From shoes, to the most beautiful clothing, handbags you want to just place on a shelf in your home and jewelry you never want to take off! Being reintroduced to TOUS this year has really been such a blessing. Not only do I get to wear it, touch it, feel it, style it, but I also get to show it to YOU! This brand has only enhanced my ability to style my clients better as well as myself. I love the mix of metals and how at the end of the day every piece works together, even if its a colored stone or something with pearls! The pieces can be day time, night time, classic, quirky, and for any age! This is key in finding items that you can build your wardrobe around. When creating this this last post I chose some of my favorites. The mix of every metal combined with the mesh details makes all of these an everyday go to for me. I also adore the Bear logo! It truly does just make me smile! 

PHOTOS: Zach Scheffer

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Scrolling through the last 5 TOUS posts for the year, this series represents me the most! A tshirt and high waisted bell bottoms! Like I said before, TOUS has anything and everything to complete any kind of look! Shop my purse here!! 


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