Staying #Fit4Fall With FITLIFE Foods

Fall is here! With the seasonal change comes cooler weather, lots of layers (& probably tossing your razor in the trash) + holiday parties, family gatherings & food...tons of food. During this time of year, it becomes SO easy to throw away all of the hard work you put in during the summer months to stay fit & healthy - there are temptations around every corner (helloooo pumpkin spice!) Plus, you tend to be less worried about getting 6pack abs when you're constantly bundled up in leggings, sweaters & boots.


I'm SO happy that this year - I'll be staying on track alllll season long with my FITLIFE FOODS! It makes eating healthy/all-natural meals EASY & convenient for me. They have everything covered - breakfast, lunch, dinner AND snacks that are all fresh, made-from-scratch & 100% natural. All I have to do is pop in & grab 1, 2 or 20 items to go - or as a prepaid member meal account holder, I can order online/via phone & my items will be ready & waiting to be brought out to my car for me! Literally, it couldn't be easier! 

I loved opening my fridge & having this meal ready to go! I skip breakfast a lot because of my busy schedule - so it was great having this to eat as I was rushing to the Fox35 News studio...


The variety of meal options from FitLife are amazing - they aren't like those typical frozen food meal plans where you get soOo tired of eating the same bland, boring things over & over; that you are basically FORCED to cheat. The chefs at FitLife developed 39 original sauces & 13 different spice blends to give the meals AWESOME flavor; & there are more than 60 different items to choose from [hellooo tacos, mac n cheese, miso salmon, chocolate chip cookies] that are ready to enjoy, so there's no cook time or clean up - which is PERFECT for me!


You can also sign up for "Project U" - which is their where you get a one-on-one guide to a customized weight loss & wellness program that's designed entirely around YOU! You'll get free weekly meal schedules, unlimited consultations with your wellness coach, updates on your BMR/BMI/access to numbers you can't get on your own, first-dibs on new menu items AND all of your favorites + ongoing support from your personal wellness concierge...all FOR FREE!

Head to their site: & get started now! 

Photos By: Luke Tevebaugh