As I walked into yoga the other day, I was approached by a woman that asked me if my name was Melanie. I replied with “yes! I am!” She looked at me straight in my eyes and said .. “YOU inspire me”!! Even me typing this story I still tear up. I had to take a deep breath and wipe my tears before going into class. Little did she know.. I needed to hear that. Being in this industry and making this industry my livelihood I have struggled from time to time. What is my purpose? am I being real? I edit my photos, I take hundreds until my arms look skinny or my good side is showing, I cover my lines, my scars, my acne, and self promote myself on a regular basis.  I look at photos sometimes and think to myself, wow!! I was so incredibly sad that day, but it looks like I have the world in my hands! I guess my point is this… I’m not perfect; I have flaws and insecurities just like the next person! I am sad at times; I am not always inspired and passionate every single day! I am a work in progress to continue to be true and real about who I really am! I promised myself this year was going to be different with how I blog, how I instagram and how I conduct my business as a whole. These photos showcase the real me…Cutoff jean shorts, a colored bra and an oversized T-shirt jumping and laughing at myself.  As Jason Mize came to meet me a few weeks ago and take some photos for my blog, I answered the door in this exact outfit. As we were approaching the last look, he wanted to shoot me in this. It made me really think. I told him, “Well this is what I usually wear on my off time, so yea lets shoot it!” I am incredibly awkward and silly when I take photos, so jumping and laughing is my way of feeling completely myself. I want everyone to know that each one of you also inspires me everyday. My family, and friends for their unconditional support, my clients that write me hundreds of texts and thank you cards that tell me how much I have changed their perspective on their bodies or just in their everyday lives, people who follow my social media and comment on how cute the look is or how a workout post has motivated them to get fit. These things motivate me to post more, to be more real and to continue to build a brand that motivates, uplifts and inspires people to love fashion, love themselves, and love each other! Thank you Jason Mize for making me shoot something that showcases the “Real Me”!

Ill leave you with this quote my client Tessa sent to me on this same day!

There’s no need to be perfect to inspire others! Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections!