I love print on print! Especially when its the SAME print! I always get that reaction like… “are you really going to wear both of those together?” O yes I am!! This StyleStalker number is so darn cute I couldn’t help but want to try it on! Its perfect dressed up or down and I love the ability to take this top and match it with a high waisted white midi skirt or throw on a grey tshirt and bathing suit top with the shorts! They have this same print in a romper (HERE), but I looked online everywhere and couldn’t find the top and shorts.. they are SOLD out! I found these little gems at Tuni on Park Ave here in Orlando! 407-628-1609. If you want to shop my whole look, scroll to the bottom and click on the photos!! Photography:

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Can find the whole look at Tuni on Park Ave -407-628-1609

301 S Park Ave Winter Park, 32789