Spring Time With TOUS

Spring is in the air & with a new season, comes the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe! One of the easiest ways to do this is with your jewelry & accessories. Lately, TOUS has been my go-to for finding gorgeous, unique pieces.

During my most recent TOUS shopping trip, I picked up some amazing pieces from their Mix & Match + Medallion collections. As you guys already know, I love layering my jewels & keeping things funky - while still classy. These Tous collections are PERFECT for doing just that. Check out how I styled my jewels...

There are so many different, fun rings available that you can mix together to create the perfect look - you don't have to stick to JUST silver or gold! I'm also loving the mixed metals look on the wrist too, like the SWEET DOLLS bracelet I'm wearing.

I adore all of the pendant pieces - like the CAMILLE pendant & VALENTIN pendant that you can place on any length/style of CHAIN necklace!

How cute is this multi-colored crossbody bag, also from Tous for only $165?!

You can copy my look by heading to your local Tous store or shopping online!

PHOTOS BY: Vanessa Boy

My New Health Obsession: OXiGEN Water!

I'm letting you guys in on one of my newest health obsessions - OXiGEN WaterIt's been my go-to form of hydration when I'm at the gym, traveling or working with clients all day!


In case you haven't heard of it - OXiGEN products contain ASO®, or activated stabilized oxygen, which is a proprietary O4 molecule that’s highly stable. OXiGEN™ water is delicious distilled water, 1,000 parts per million (PPM) of stabilized oxygen and a bit of sea salt. That’s it! 

OXiGEN™ water goes to work almost immediatelyclearing lactic acid from the blood and boosting the body’s oxygen levels. As this happens, I'm able to experience faster recovery from exercise (which means I can push harder or get back to training sooner!) It also helps me recover faster from oxygen deprivation during air travel, general fatigue, or over-consumption of alcohol! [Hellooo hangover cure!] The products contain NO sugar or caffeine [or calories!] so I don't feel the “rush” or subsequent scary “crash” that’s associated with other sports drinks & energy shots!


  • Studies confirm the stabilized oxygen in OXiGEN™ water speeds up lactate clearance, making for faster recovery post-exercise. Benefits of increased oxygen also include: improved endurance, improved stamina, greater mental clarity, decreased hangover effects.
  • pH balanced formula with no sugar, no caffeine, no unhealthy additives.
  • OXiGEN water contains a proprietary O4 molecule, NOT compressed gas, so the added oxygen stays in the bottle even upon opening.
  • Topping up your oxygen levels with OXiGEN water allows you to recover faster from all of life’s stresses. Whether it’s exercise, a long day at the office, juggling your family’s needs, or studying for a big exam, we can all use more oxygen than what we get simply from breathing. Used by pro athletes, weekend warriors, busy professionals, students, and busy parents everywhere.

Find out where YOU can get your OXiGEN fix by heading here: 


[Versatile] Valentine Style

There's plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine's Day - whether it's a fancy night out [or hot night in] with your special someone, a Galentine's party with your best girlfriends, or a chill night spent drinking wine & pampering yourself at home!

WHATEVER your plans are, I have the perfect outfit suggestions that'll keep you looking both stylish & festive...

VDay Gifts under $50

Snag the cutest Valentines gifts without breaking the bank! Simply click any item below to shop it :)

Miami Trip with Giapenta

Last week I was fortunate enough to go to Miami for work - not a bachelorette party for once! The W South Beach was so gracious & put us up for the night as we prepared to takeover GIAPENTA's social media for the day! GIAPENTA is a cool new South Florida lingerie brand thats not only sexy; but also comfy + beautiful. GIAPENTA is a luxury lingerie company that is literally for everyone! Its made by women, for women - combining high performance delicate fabrics with game changing designs made to enhance the lives of everyone who wears their product!

The new collection includes: delicate bras, panties, camisoles, and bodysuits that feature their exclusive TempPro(TM) Technology fabric, which proactively regulates body temperature using Phase Change Materials. This means the fabric actually pulls heat away from the body as a person starts to get warm, stores the excess heat, then releases it BACK as needed when a person starts to get cool! UMMM isn't that really amazing? Sign me up! 

My favorite piece is The Kavala Multiway bra - which is GIAPENTA's solution to a strapless bra that stays in place. It's the perfect "wear anywhere" piece with 13 different ways to style it! Can we talk about this insanely beautiful cobalt blue color?? 

You can shop the launch collection through their kickstarter campaign!